Faculty and specialization

As of today Open European Academy of Economics and Politics realizes on the territory of Czech Republic curricula of the following educational institutions:

* Modern University for the Humanities (in Russian)
* Interregional Academy of Management of Personnel (in Russian)
* Brno International Business School (in Czech)
* Prague College (in English)

Modern University for the Humanities (Moscow)

The cost of education:

* Distant education — 600 euro per semester;
* Resident education — 800 euro per semester.

The beginning of Education: 1st of February, 1st of September.
v The period of training: from 2 to 5 years, it depends on your basic education.

MUH — is the largest non-state educational establishment in Russia and CIS, found in Moscow in 1992. Educational Centre in Prague exists from the 1st of September 2003. It gives to Russian youth the opportunity to study, work and live in Prague following curricula of MAH. Convenient form of studying, all the necessary materials in electronic versions, and lectures of Moscow teachers that can be watched directly in the TV channels of MAH, opportunity to pass the exams with the help of unique and universal computer program — this is the main opportunity of education in MAH. The Academy gives higher priority to the educational technology that helps the students to develop their abilities and to raise the level of their knowledge for minimal time. With the help of curricula, that had achieved the worldwide admission the Academy raises students' activity in the process of education and aspires to provide them with all the modern technologies. Flexible system of education is the reliable purpose to provide curricula of different spheres.

Students of any brunch of MUH can transfer to the Prague Centre without changes in the process of studying.

The Academy is one of the members of International Association of Universities under the aegis of UNESCO, International Association of Non-State Universities, Russian Association of Non-State Educational Institutions and other International Organizations.

In OEAEP there are following specialties:

* Jurisprudence;
* Economics;
* Management;
* Linguistics;
* Psychology;
* Informatics and Computer Facilities;
* Sociology;
* Pedagogics and Political Science.

The Education carries on in Russian, in direct or distant form.

Graduates get a diploma of a national standard on accredited direction of training (Bachelor, Specialist, and Master). In addition to the diploma a graduate can get a personal certificate of The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (NARIC), or personal Certificate of The International Higher Education Clearinghouse (IHEC). On the base of this certificate the Bachelor's degree is admitted on all the territory of European Union.

Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (Kiev)

The cost of Education — 500 euro per semester.

The beginning of Education: September, December, March.

The period of training — from one year to four years, it depends on basic education.

IAPM — High Educational and Scientific-Research establishment, successfully working from 1989 year. At present the Academy trains specialists on 30 specialties and 132 specializations.

In 2002 Open European Academy of Economics and Politics and Interregional Academy of Personnel Management open their joint educational centre, where there is possible to study at the specialty of management of organizations and the following specializations:

* Economics and business management
* Management of hotel business and tourism
* Medical and pharmaceutica management
* Quality management
* Bulding management
* Industrial management
* Ecological management

Education carries on in Russian and hold on in distant form that gives the opportunity to combine studying and working.

Graduates get the diploma of the Higher Education of national standard (Ukraine), and also an international diploma with assignment of an appropriate educational level (Minor Specialist, Bachelor, Master).

IAPM has a license of the 4th level of accreditation of Ministry of Education of Ukraine with the right to give diploma papers of higher education of national standard. The academy is the member of a social organization «International Personnel Organization», and also is a member of European Association of Universities with Continuous Education.

Brno International Business School (Brno)

The form of studying is combination of part-time and full-time study(in english or in czech language), that's why programes suit for both graduates and those who work or study latest year.

BA's term of studying is 3.5 year and MSc's term is 2.5 year.

BIBS is a private educational institution offering the finest university studies of economics and management. The school was founded in 1998 by associate partners from Great Britain, Italy and the Czech Republic and it currently ranks among the largest private business schools in the Czech Republic with over 1000 students in its undergraduate and postgraduate programs and MBA programs for managers.

The key partner of BIBS is a prominent British university — The Nottingham Trent University; its school of economics, The Nottingham Business School, has been ranked amongst the top ten schools in the UK for teaching quality by The Guardian. Thanks to the validation from the partner Nottingham Trent University, graduates of all university-level programmes offered by Brno International Business School are awarded a standard British university diploma; with this diploma, the holder gains an important advantage when applying for a job with foreign companies in the Czech Republic, but above all in the EU member states and elsewhere abroad.

BA (Hons) Programmes:

* economics and management;
* law and economics.

MSc Postgraduate Programmes:

* economics and management;
* law of Czech Republic and European Union
* law and economics.

For entrance it is necessary to have a document of previous education(certificate, diploma). Studying is organized in Brno.

The fact that most students of the MBA Senior Executive Programme have limited time availability is reflected in the course organization. The course is organized as a combination of part-time and full-time study. Teaching blocks are scheduled for weekends, on average one block per month. The remaining part of the course consists in self-study and consultation with lecturers as necessary, either face to face or in an electronic form. The course follows a long-term fixed schedule thus enabling students to plan ahead and co-ordinate their study with their job.

All questions linked with entrance into BIBS are to be solved individually.

Prague College

Prague College programs lead to fully recognised diplomas under the UK National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and meet the requirements of the Bologna Process of the European Union for offering further and higher education. Prague College programs integrate key general educational courses with the latest professional and technical training and Prague College takes a practical and hands-on approach to learning. In addition to regular lessons you will participate in workshops, seminars, labs and work projects.
Prague College is accredited, monitored and supervised by the Czech Ministry of Education and two British educational agencies:

* Edexcel is the largest British organisation responsible for the accreditation and supervision of professional and academic programs offered by colleges and universities. Edexcel was formed by the merger of London Examinations and the Business & Technology Education Council (BTEC) in 1996. Edexcel is the agency responsible for the development, assessment and monitoring of the Higher National Diploma programs taught at universities and colleges in the UK and around the world. Prague College is accredited by Edexcel to deliver the HND programs in the Czech Republic.
* London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board (LCCIEB) is a provider of business qualifications in 125 countries around the world and an awarding body accredited with the UK regulatory authorities, LCCIEB examines over 400,000 students each year. With a history dating back to 1881, LCCIEB is a global leader in providing educational programs, curriculum and assessment. Prague College is an accredited examination centre for LCCIEB and authorised to deliver LCCIEB courses.

In Prague College there are five educational blocks, having passed one of them, one'll get a bachelor's degree:

* management;
* marketing;
* finance and accounting;
* interactive mass media;
* graphic design.

Prague College business courses are also valuable components of complete training solutions for company employees. We offer both public classes — generally in the evening — and company class formats for single-certificate courses.

All questions linked with entrance into Prague College are to be solved individually.